Do – Rémi Panossian Solo

Do – Rémi Panossian Solo


Do, the note Do ( C ) …  Do, the island in Korean, the way in Japanese, the stone in Tibetan, to accomplish in English.

So many meanings to this word, so many internal resonances to Rémi Panossian for this new adventure. After touring the world with his trio, with whom he has just recorded a fourth album, it came to him as an obvious choice to reveal himself in a more intimate, solo piano. Rémi Panossian has been regularly performing solo since his debut. But it is in 2016, between two solo tours in Asia, that the desire to engrave this music grows.

Lover of melodies, his lives are energetic, captivating, and organic.

On stage, Rémi Panossian gives life to his music, between poetic delicacy, rock references, and flamboyant lyrical style.

In order to be closer to what animates him, for his first solo album, he teamed up with his friend and longtime accomplice the trumpeter, composer Nicolas Gardel to whom he confided the artistic direction. They decided to record live, without touch-ups to stay close to emotion.

Successful bet.

Album release : January 2018

Artwork : Maxime Delporte