Rémi Panossian

Rémi Panossian

Rémi Panossian (born 1983, Montpellier, France), started playing piano at the age of seven. He was only ten years old when he attended a Michel Petrucciani concert and got hooked on jazz. Rémi studied at the Montpellier Jazz School, not only learning musical theory and the history of jazz, but also improvisation at which he excelled. He took part in many master classes and had the good fortune to interact with such musical greats as Stéphane Kochoyan, Steve Coleman and Andy Milne.
After playing with writer Régine Détembel in Jazz Fest Wien 2000, the prestigious Vienna Jazz Festival, Rémi moved to Toulouse to further his musical studies. Within two years he graduated from the Toulouse College of Music where he received a National School of Music Certificate in Jazz and Improvised Music. Rémi taught jazz piano for 4 years at the Enfants du Jazz Workshop and currently teaches at the International Trio Session in Cape Breton when his touring schedule allows

In 2002 Rémi met the outstanding double bass player, Julien Duthu and the two started what has proven to be a fruitful collaboration with the release of “No End” an MP3 album in 2005, and in 2008 the CD, “Two”, released on the Plus Loin label for harmonia mundi. The duo received a Best New Talent award from L’Académie du Jazz, the French Jazz Academy.

After 2 duet cds, many concerts, and great collaborations (Aldo Romano, Francesco Bearzatti, Pierrick Pedron, Rick Margitza…) Remi Panossian, began the trio adventure on the end of 2009 with Maxime Delporte on double bass and Frederic Petitprez on drums.
The trio has released the album “Add fiction” on january 2011 which had a great reception from international press and audience. These three musicians are friends for a long time and the trio became immediatly a real Band ! Their unity is a wonderful strengh for their music which has been mostly described as being both Lyrical and Energetic.
The trio has been elected “Revelation of the year 2011″ by the french radio TSF JAZZ! and they’ve been invited to play a song at Olympia Hall Paris for the ” You and the night and the Music ” show.
In Only 7 Years the trio has performed more than 305 concerts in France , Brasil, Germany, Venezuela, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Algeria…and especially in Asia with5 tours and more than 90 concerts ( Tokyo jazz festival (Japan), Jarasum jazz festival( South Korea), Taichung jazz festival ( Taiwan) Nanjing jazz festival ( China)…

In 2013 The trio has released “BBANG” their second album, with great feedback from Press and audience.
After the release of this album The trio has performed on many stages around the world such as in Canada, Ottawa jazz festival, Montreal jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, and London Sunfest, in Europe, New Morning, Enjoy jazz festival(Germany)… IN Asia( South Korea, China, Japan…)and many others.

In 2014 The trio has released “RP3” . This album has been produced by Eric Legnini and is receiving a great reception by medias and audience.

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Thirsty of creation and lovers of his instrument, the sublime venturing now into a solo career. Do : album release : January 2018

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